Methods To Link Your PAN Card And Aadhar Card

Methods To Link Your PAN Card And Aadhar Card: In order to link PAN and Aadhaar cards, tax payers have to first register on the Income tax e-Filing portal. Once they have done so, they are to follow the steps outlined below. Log in to the e-Filing portal of the Income Tax Department by entering the log-in ID, password and date of birth. After punching in the details, you will also have to feed in a code. According to latest news by the Government of India and income tax department, Every PAN card holder is required to link its Aadhar Number to the Permanent Account Number from 1st July.

There are two methods that you can use to link your Aadhar card with PAN Card.

  1. Online Method
  2. SMS Method

Link Your PAN Card And Aadhar Card

  1. First of all, Go to the official website of Income Tax –
  2. Fill up all the information in the form correctly as per your PAN Card .
  3. Now, Enter the captcha correctly and then request an one time password by using your mobile number.
  4. After entering all the information in the form, Click on submit button.
  5. After that you will be redirected to the success notification page.

Aadhar – PAN Linking By SMS 

There is also an another method to link your Aadhar card with PAN Card. You can easily send an SMS to 567678 or 56161 in this format.

UIDPAN< 12 digit Aadhaar> < 10 digit PAN>

Example: UIDPAN 3651323112341234 AADBFE12FF

In this article we have shared all the information about Steps To Link Your PAN Card And Aadhar Card Online – Manadatory From 1st July

Note :-

Please ensure the Date of birth, Gender and Aadhar Number is as per Aadhar details to proceed futher.

If Date of birth and Gender is fully matched and name as per Aadhar is not exactly matched then the user has to additionally provide Aadhar card One time password to proceed with partial name match.

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